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About Me

Welcome to the Lotus Girl Travel blog!

I'm a passionate explorer, travel photographer, and animal lover. Join me on this thrilling journey as I share remarkable destinations, unforgettable animal encounters, and valuable travel tips.


From hidden gems to popular tourist spots, I'll provide detailed itineraries, recommendations, and practical insights to enhance your travels. I'm committed to promoting responsible and sustainable tourism while fostering cultural exchange and minimizing our ecological impact.


As an animal enthusiast, I'll guide you in seeking ethical wildlife encounters and supporting conservation efforts. Through captivating visuals, I'll transport you to enchanting locations, inspiring your own photography adventures.


So, whether you're a globetrotter, animal lover, or photography enthusiast, let's embark on this incredible expedition together!

With wanderlust and a camera in hand,



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Photo of a camera

Embark on a captivating visual journey through my collection of travel photos!

Step into my gallery and let your wanderlust soar as you explore awe-inspiring landscapes, vibrant cityscapes, and intimate cultural moments captured from around the globe. Let the vibrant colors, intricate details, and breathtaking compositions transport you to faraway lands and ignite your passion for exploration.


Whether you seek inspiration for your next journey or simply desire a virtual escape, I hope that my travel photo gallery awakens your sense of wonder and leaves you yearning for new horizons. 

photo of a sheep in ireland

Emerse in a visual wanderlust

Photo of a woman with travel luggage

How to fit everything in just a carry-on suitcase?

Click below for travel tips.


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